Three Day Farm Walk Package

Three Day Farm Walk Package

Three Night/Three Day Walk Package - $425.00pp


  • Access to private tracks
  • three nights accommodation (glamping & farmhouse) All quality linen and towels provided.
  • Delicious food for three days (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and home baking).
  • Food includes an evening meal and dessert on your day of arrival, and lunch on your day of departure
  • 3 days walking with maps
    • Mountain View Loop - 9 or 13km
    • Farmland Loop - 8km 
    • Mangapipi Walk - 12km 
  • Luggage transportation (from glamping to farmhouse and back to your car).

*Minimum 4 and maximum 6 people per booking 

Arrival on the First Night is between 4-7pm.

You will need sturdy boots for our walk. Safety is paramount and you will be required to sign a safety form. 

First Night

Arrive at Ridge Top Farm Glamping Site between 4pm and 7pm where your hosts Sarah or Angus Gilbertson will check you in.   Make yourselves at home and between 5 - 7pm (depending on your arrival) we will deliver you a delicious 2 course dinner all prepared for you to finish off on the BBQ. 

Day 1 (Mountain View Loop - 9 or 13km) 

The first day will take you approx 4 - 5 hours.   

After breakfast, we will deliver you your packed lunch and map for the third day.  here are lots of places available throughhout the walk to enjoy the 360 degree views while having lunch.    

You will head of in a North-West direction from the campsite up onto the Ridge where you will enjoy spectacular views of Mt Egmont and Mt Ruapehu.  

You then head downhill across the creek where you will meander across rolling farmland where you will see plenty of sheep & cattle along the way.   As you climb back up onto the Ridge you will come across Nolan's Hutt, a possible lunch spot.   At approx 500m you will enjoy 360 degree views of Kapiti Island, Mt Egmont, Mt Ruapehu and the Ruahine Ranges. 

After lunch you will continue along the Ridge enjoying the spectacular farmland and mountain views before coming back down onto the road and back to the campsite.   You can enjoy a drink with family and friends or treat yourself to a soak in the outdoor baths will you wait for your 2 course meal to be delivered.   

Day 2 (Farmland Loop - 8km) 

The second day will take you approx 3 - 4 hours.  You will end up at 'Mangapipi House' for your third nights accommodation.   While you are walking we will transport your luggage for you.   

The walk starts in the South West direction with rolling hills where you will come across a rejuvenating wetland at native bush areas.   You then come along in an east direction where you will enjoy views of the Ruahine Ranges, Feilding, Palmerston North City and the Manawatu Windmills in the far distance.   It then drops back down past the Farm Woolshed where you might see some sheep yard action.   Along the road and through another paddock before arriving at Mangapipi House where you can relax and enjoy the incredablie views.         

The second day will be the quieter of your three days.   Make the most of enjoying a beverage with your family and friends,  play a board game, enjoy the views and wait for your 2 course evening meal to be delivered once again.   

Day 3 (Mangapipi Loop - 12km)

The third day will take you approx 4 - 5 hours.   You will end up back where your car is parked.     While you are walking we will transport your luggage back to your car.    

After breakfast, we will deliver you your packed lunch and map for the third day.  

The walks consists of more private farmland tracks with lots of beautiful scenery including native bush, creeks and spectaluar views of both the Ruahiune ranges and Mt Ruapuhau.  

Once out on the road you will walk along the gravel road back to your car where your luggage will await for you.   Say your final Goodbyes and hit the road, taking lots of great new memories with you!